We believe the only way we can truly make a long lasting difference is through education. Our goal is to change the mindset of the children by teaching them to love, respect and care for their pets. Learning these important lessons also fosters the same values towards other people, their classmates, neighbours and family members.

Our education is age appropriate and focuses strongly on spay and neuter; ticks, fleas and parasites and aggressive animals. We teach the children the importance of spay and neuter; how fleas,ticks and parasites can cause disease and sometimes death not only in their pets but in themselves also. We also teach them how to tell if a dog may be a threat to them and what to do.

We have been teaching individual classes in the primary and kindergarten schools for over two years. Guadalupe developed a puppet show which we use for the younger children. This educational program has been very well received. For most of the kids, this is the first opportunity to learn about their pets and they are always full of questions.

Becoming a member of WSPA (World Society for Protection of Animals) enabled us to utilize their written educational info which helped us in two ways; it cut down on our printing costs and provided good solid information that can be used by the teacher over and over again. Because of this wonderful opportunity we are hoping to obtain a weekly, 5 minute spot on a local television station to enable us to reach more children. We will still follow up and provide lessons to classes when requested. At this time we have a list of schools waiting for Guadalupe and her travelling puppet dogs!

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